Concept of Parenting

Tip 38: Attending and Planned Ignoring, part 2

We are discussing attending and planned ignoring as parenting tools. We are advised to attend to positive behaviors and ignore negative behaviors.
Planned ignoring is a systematic way of ignoring negative behavior of a child, a deliberate ignoring an undesirable behavior in order to decrease it. Ignoring can be in a form of walking away from the child, not looking at the child, looking at another person or talking to another person.
Negative attention like reprimanded or arguing with child can increase that behavior.
Planned ignoring does not develop a behavior that you wish but to ensure that you are not accidentally rewarding the behaviors by attending to them.
Planned Ignoring procedure:
1. Select a behavior you want to decrease
2. Select a type of ignoring method you want to use: not looking at the child, walking away, speaking to another person, avoid facial expressions, ignore all requests
3. consistently ignore the bad behavior when it happens
4.Attend to any positive behavior: praise positive opposite

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