Tip 35: Systematic Modeling of Behavior: Modeling Enyonam sharing habit, part 3

Enyonam is a nine year-old girl. The parents believe in giving and sharing. They dwell on the principles of God: giving His only begotten Son in order to receive many children. But Enyonam is not sharing her time, pens, eraser, toys and kids tablet with her siblings. The parents fear that Enyonam will be mean. Her teachers have also observed some meanness in Enyonam. How can the parents model sharing to Enyonam?
*We use Systematic Modeling as follows*
Step 1: Select a characteristic you would like to develop in your child.
*We want Enyonam to cultivate the habbit of sharing*
Step 2: After this general term in step 1, list specific instances or concrete examples of that characteristic.
*We want Enyonam to share her time, pens, eraser, toys, food, tablet with other kids.*
Step 3: Now we need instances of modelling the specific behavior, so the child can see them being performed.
First. If there’s an opportunity for the parents to share, they should engage Enyonam in that behavior and point this out to her. For instance if the parents are donating books, pens, food to other kids, they should involve her.
Second, If a parent gives out money to the needy they can inform Enyonam privately that I just gave this person some money for lunch because they did not have any.
Third, point out to any instance of modelling, even by another person
Fourth, point out a scene on television, movies and cartoons when sharing is taking place.
Fifth, when siblings or other kids are sharing pen, eraser, pencil tablet, point out to her.
Sixth, involve her in giving offering in church
Step 4. Praise any instance you see in your child’s behavior. If Enyonam practices any of the above instances, effectively praise her. Enyonam, you shared your pencil with your brother. That is great. Then we add non-verbal touch.
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