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Tip 32: Changing behavior of a careless boy with Simulation

Kwaku is a seven year old boy. He is careless when playing with peers and siblings. Whether you are infront or back, he may push you when playing with you. This at times results in injuries. The parents and teachers are worried about his behavior. How can you use simulation to help change his behavior?

Use simulation as follows
1. Select the behavior you want to change.

*I will use running in circles game to change the careless behavior of my kid when playing with siblings and other kids. The kid should pay attention to kids when playing together.*

2. Explain the game to your child

*In the evening, when everyone is calm I would say, Kwaku, we are going to play a game called paying attention to other kids when playing together. The game involves you, your sister and I. I want to observe if you can play together without hurting anybody. This will help us care for other kids when playing together.*

3. Right after you explain the rules, play the game and run through it in a common scenario.

*In the evening we will start the game (running in circles) by letting him to be in the middle between his sister and I. During the game I will intentionally push him and when he complains, I will let know the pain others go through when he hurts them. I will also rotate for me to be in the middle and observe if he will hurt me. We keep changing positions till he stops hurting others. We play it a couple of days.*

4. When your child practices the behavior in the game, praise him very enthusiastically.

*Any time we finish a run and he doesn’t hurt anyone, I would say, great, you played the game without hurting anyone. Then a hug.*

5. Then we give the child a playful challenge to encourage more practice.

*Even, if he is getting it, I would say we can’t play five runs without anybody hurting another, you must be a very good child to accomplish that.*


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