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Tip 33: Changing behavior with Modeling, part 1

Behavioural modeling is a way of changing behavior through learning by example or observation. We do something and this serves as examples for our children. If you ever ask your middle school or pre-adolescent child to mimic you or to show you how you behave in a situation, she usually can do that pretty well. This is the impact of modeling, your expressions and your words have been learned. For example we can see how Drogba’s son bahaves just like him when he scores a goal: “Didier Drogba’s Son Scores First Pro Goal And Celebrates Just Like His Dad” (on Our children mimic our behavior. Therefore becareful of whatever you do or say at home. Model positive behaviors only, don’t model negative ones.

*There are 2 types of modeling*:

1. Accidental modeling

It is part of everyday child-parent interaction; they can be fun, cute, shocking and embarrassing. We may not be aware that our kids are learning from us.

2. Systematic Modeling

A tool that can be used to develop child behavior; It is much more systematic than the accidental modeling in everyday life. Here, modeling is a behavior change tool, because it is a delibrate learning by observing and seeing the behavior of others. Another name for modeling is observational learning.

Kindly note that some of these behavior changing tools can be used on adults (wives and husbands), it depends on the way you present them.

Remember, you are your kids role model.

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