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Tip 12: The 4 Parenting Styles

1. Authoritative is a parenting style with high Demandness and high responsiveness: High expectations are set for children and parents are willingly helping their kids to achieve them. The parent is strict in setting rules but compassionate to help the kid achieve them. It is also known as democratic parenting because the views of kids are considered: let us talk parenting
2. Authoritarian is characterized by high Demandness but low responsiveness. The parent is strict to set rules but not helping the child with the outcomes. They set rules and expect the child to behave well. The child has no say in His development: and this is commonly called “do as I say parenting”. This can sometimes be abusive parenting
3. Permissive parenting is characterized by low Demandness and high responsiveness. Parents don’t set rules but too compassionate to pamper the kids. The kid is treated as the Boss and parents provide everything that the kid needs. This is also known as “your wish is my command” parenting.
4. Uninvolved is characterized by low Demandness and low Responsiveness. The parent may be physically and/or emotionally absent. Children are neglected. No rules and no love. No parent involvement; this is also known as “you are your own” or “your wish is your life” parenting
What is your parenting style?
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