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Tip 45: Spanking – part 1

There are many forms of physical punishments. Spanking is the most familiar, but we also have slapping, kicking, punching. Spanking is an act of hitting, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children. When an adult hits another adult we call it assault and we criminalize it. What happens if an adult hits a child? Can the adult be prosecuted?

*Child abuse is more serious*

Abuse is severe physical punishment in which there might be more extreme pain, physical marks, and even open wounds, and often the use of objects such as belts, sticks and the like as part of the punishment. Abuse is a very important topic and filled with tragedy. For example, in the United States, four to five children die every day due to child abuse and or neglect.

*Legality of corporal punishment*

Many countries have actually adopted the recommendation to ban it. As of 2016, approximately 50 countries out of a total of just over 190 countries have completely banned physical punishment.

It is against the law for anyone to hit a child even under the guise of discipline and even by a parent.

For example, among the legal issues, is the concern that it is illegal for one adult to hit another adult, but it’s legal for an adult to hit a child. And that seems inconsistent in the law.

Some schools have banned corporal punishment

Ghana. In 2019 GES introduces new disciplinary methods in JHS, SHS:…/ges-introduces-new…/

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