Refer customers to our plugin and earn 5% commission on each successful sale you refer!
Program summary:
  • 5% commission when a customer purchases a product.
  • 45 days tracking cookie after the first visit to maximize earnings potential.
  • Payouts are in cedis and processed monthly via Mobile money or bank transfers
  • As we reserve 30 days for potential refunds, we only pay commissions that are older than 30 days.


How does it work?

We provide you with unique links to our shop pages – simply use these on your website, blog, email newsletters, social media including WhatsApp facebook etc. and when a shopper clicks the link and makes a purchase our tracking cookies will record that in your account
  1. Create Account at https://dakotaedutablets.com/my-account/if you already have account skip to step 2
  2. On your dashboard click on Affiliates to join or follow https://dakotaedutablets.com/affiliate-page/?rtwwwap_tab=overview
  3. Click on affiliates tools to generate your links and banners https://dakotaedutablets.com/affiliate-page/?rtwwwap_tab=affiliate_tools
  4. Navigate to our shop page at https://dakotaedutablets.com/shop to share your your affiliates links on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and email.
  5. You can systematically share our products, with each product per day. Then you recycle it.

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