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Amazon Fire Kids Tablets With Offline Educational Lessons In Ghana

All our Kids tablets come with Offline educational lessons from Nursery to JHS 3. The lessons are in English, Maths, French, Science and Coding. We have more than 1500 positive reviews and ratings on Jumia, Facebook & Google. You can use our kids tablets as gifts for kids.

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273 Comments on “Dakota Edutablets Shop

  1. Really impressed. Thanks Dakota. My daughter loves it and learning very happily.

  2. First time buying something from Dakota and was so smooth. Delievry timeline on point as well

  3. I really love it as the various apps have helped my children sharpen their skills in various aspects.

  4. I have not been able to create an Amazon account on the tablet. I requested the sales person to help me to create the amazon account using their Internet he said it is prohibited for a customer to use their Internet. I got.just to realise it was not possible to create the amazon on their tablets.

  5. Very very good and beneficial. Your services are what every customer needs. Thank you

  6. Extremely good. As an adult i really enjoyed it after thoroughly using it personally.

  7. I was very happy about your customer service,how efficient and fast you deliver my tablet.

  8. I encountered a little challenge with my tablet, I called for assistance and the response was good. I was even directed to the office and the issue was resolved in no time , I was really impressed.

  9. The customer service and communication were on point and delivery was swift.

  10. Poor delivery. I had to call you more than twice before delivery was made.

  11. I asked for a receipt and was given an invoice, contacted the shop and was told an invoice is the same as a receipt. Absolute nonsense.

  12. Very fast and affordable. Reliable too as directions given were duly noted.

  13. The speaker doesn’t work. When you speak it is unable to process. So for a 2 year old who cannot spell, it is quiet useless. Freezes a lot too

  14. Customer service and delivery is excellent for the websites I haven’t used it yet. Kodos

  15. Customer service was great and ready to answer all your questions. Delivery was even when the color was different from what I ordered, he took back quickly and changed it to my preference.

  16. Worst service ever.told all my colleagues and friends of your bad service

  17. Will always recommend to any parent who wants to buy a tablet for the children because they will never regret it

  18. I never regretted buying this tablet. It is the best ever and works perfectly too

  19. Amazon Kids Tablets are the best ever. so i recommend everyone should patronize this very educational device.

  20. After my first purchase. Within the 3 month warranty period and free servicing I contact your customer care to help me reset the Amazon fire but I was told to pay which I refused. One of the tablets is still there taking forever to open and function because is too slow. The other one has screen fault and is also abandoned. Haven said all that, I think the Amazon fire products have no guarantee or warranty from the seller as well as no good customer service.

  21. you always respond promptly to clients calls. Thats a plus for you.

  22. Swiift delivery and sharing up to date info about the tablet with customers

  23. I am not getting as much updates as would have loved on customer after sales services

  24. Customer service and delivery was excellent. I received what I ordered. Kudos to your team.

  25. customer service as at the time of purchase was impressive .Tablets were received promptly and they were as expected.

  26. Customer relationship was perfect. I only had problem with the delivery agent. He sent the items to Agona Swedru instead of Mankrong and I had to pay for another delivery before I got my items.

  27. Was really impressed with the customer service. The delivery was very prompt and amazing

  28. Been using since 2021 and no cracked screen, no battery problem and contains very educative programs… I bought another this year too..

  29. Great service but there was no screen protector and I only got to know when delivery was made. Should have been informed earlier.

  30. Good customer service and fast delivery
    And I love the fact that you can pay on delivery

  31. Excellent customer service and safe delivery service as well 👍

  32. Customer service was good, the lady took her time to explain to me, I wanted the 12th generation and instead of going for it elsewhere, I opted for the 10th generation thanks to the lady’s good explanation and patience

  33. I never received the free pen eraser that was an attraction which was supposed to be part of the package — when I contacted your customer service person, he’s a male, he told me there’s nothing he can do except that I wait for next time the company’s dispatch rider does delivery around my area. So I asked him that if the rider comes to my area in a month later, is that the time I’d have to receive my free gift, he responded that it’s the only option for me, or that I can come to the shop to pick it up, and I told him I’m at work so I can’t, and it’s not even fair to tell me to come all the way to the shop when I paid for delivery service when I bought the tablet.

    To justify his reason for why I didn’t get the free gift, he also in a harsh way mentioned that he had to pay to get the tablet from a shop at Madina because there wasn’t one at the Dakota shop, and I thought that was very unnecessary to tell me because all I know is that I’m making my purchase from Dakota so I don’t need to know where he got mine from. I also told him that it’s even wrong to reveal how he got it for me even if Dakota didn’t have some.

    This actually isn’t the first time I’ve had a poor experience with your customer service team. I even have message receipts of how poorly they have ever communicated with me.

    If a company like Dakota promises their customers free gifts, and they make an error of not adding it to the customers package, I believe the best thing to do is to honour the promise by letting the customer receive it, even if it is just one person, that’s how you build real and long-lasting relationships.

    That 10” tablet I bought was for a friend in Kumasi whom I recommended your tablets to because I had ever made a purchase from Dakota (although it ended badly). When my friend received the tablet, they contacted me to tell me the free gift (erasable pen) wasn’t added, but as usual, Dakota customer support team didn’t disappoint with their unattractive way of communicating with customers.

    After such a poor service, I should even sue you guys for registering an account and giving me a username when I wasn’t even told the purpose for which my personal information was taken, especially when I didn’t even confirm the link for registration.

    Dakota should know this, that every customer, even one customer, is very valuable!

    Thank you.

  34. The attendant received me well and took time to make me understand the usage of the various devices in stock

  35. Excellent customer service. Very prompt in answering and replying to messages.

  36. I love it. My son loves it so much. But I thought it would have come with an SD card and battery runs down quite quick. Besides that it’s a good headset.

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