Tip 22: Types of Antecedents in ABC Parenting

There are 3 types of Antecedents : Prompts, Positive settings and Negative settings.

1. PROMPTS are direct ways to guide behavior.
It involves giving instructions on what to do.
There are 3 types of prompts:
Verbal prompt: State exactly what to do. For example, you could say ‘Nweze please lay your bed before you sleep.’
Physical prompt: involve your child in the action. Go with him to the bedroom and let him lay the bed. For example you can say, Emmanuel, we are going to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. When I read the the first verse, you will read the second till we get to the end of chapter …. And you do this every night before sleeping.
Visual prompt: it involves using models to show him what to do. Use visuals to help the child to know how to lay a bed.

2. Positive setting events involve indirectly setting the the stage for the behavior you want. In parenting, this involves how you present or deliver requests to your child. Your facial look, tone of voice and choice of words must be lovely.

3. Negative Setting events involve indirect way to decrease behavior you want. Un-welcoming tone of voice as well as limiting and commanding your child may lead to non compliance.

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