Concept of Parenting

Tip 49:Understanding Adolescents: basic parenting techniques, part 3

All parenting techniques that we have learned can be used on adolescents but how it should be used must be modified to suit them. The techniques must be applied with maturity and respect. Let us consider basic ones before we consider the advance ones in the coming week.

Praise. It shouldn’t not be enthusiastic praise but nicely and maybe quietly done with some signs such as thumb up. First we still need to praise the behavior, second, state why you are praising him and third make non verbal action such as thumb up. Because of social sensitivity, kindly go to him/her and say that was nice, with respect.

Attending and planned ignoring. Attend to positive behaviors and ignore negative ones constantly.

Punishment will play minor role. Use mild and brief punishment to stop undesirable procedure. You can take away some privileges such as using cell phone or tablet or watching movie.


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