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Tip 47: Understanding Adolescent behaviors, part 1

There is an assumption that Adolescents uniquely make bad choices and if we just tell them how to make better choices they will do so. Perenting some Adolescents can be challenging but others are fine without problems.
There are two changes that occur during Adolescents: risky taking and uneven development of their brains. Let us consider risky behaviors.
a. Risky behavior can lead to health problems, serious injuries and even death.
b. Risky behaviors include a achohol abuse, cigarette smoking, reckless driving, unprotected sex, vandalism, not wearing seat belts and bicycle helmets, physical violence, cyber violence etc
c. About 25% of Adolescents deaths due to accidents. Many of them emailing and texting while driving.
The top 10 in terms of danger—regular alcohol use, regular binge drinking, tobacco use, marijuana use, other illegal drug use, fighting, carrying a weapon, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, unprotected sexual behavior—qualify for that honor not only in their own right but because they are associated with other dangers.
Risky behaviors are influenced by two factors: a) Peers pressure and b) not monitored by parents
Parents can use technology to keep track of teens to know where they are.

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